Say Thank You

Problem: You get the feeling that people don’t have a good opinion of you.  Or, you don’t know what people think of you.  Or, you don’t have really good relationships that you can count on.  Or, you don’t feel that you’re a smooth, dynamic, charming speaker or conversationalist that people are attracted to. Solution: IContinue reading “Say Thank You”

Be Patient

Problem: Things aren’t changing fast enough for you. Your efforts seem to go unnoticed or without any impact.  The bureaucracy causes everything to take so much longer to get done or implemented. Solution: Be patient.  Just because the change is not occuring according to your paradigm doesn’t mean it isn’t occuring. Have you ever watchedContinue reading “Be Patient”

Grow a Powerful Corporate Network (without leaving the office)

Guest post by Jodi Kaplan. Visit her blog at Fix Your Broken Marketing. When I was back in the corporate world, my job required me to work with people all across the company. I was in marketing, but had to rely on people from graphics, events, product development, membership (for a non-profit), and IT toContinue reading “Grow a Powerful Corporate Network (without leaving the office)”

Develop Meaningful Relationships (through bribes)

Guest post by Regine Albrecht. Visit her blog at: Problem: You frequently need help, assistance or just plain favors from people in other departments than yours. Solution: The way to a colleague’s heart is through their stomach. In one of his last blogs Rex talked about “Go on a Field Trip” as a nice wayContinue reading “Develop Meaningful Relationships (through bribes)”

Harness Serendipity

Problem: You never get what you want, nothing ever exciting happens to you, and you don’t make connections with the right people. Solution: Put yourself in places where you just might meet someone important, or might learn something that can help you in your effort, or find someone who might be a key contact laterContinue reading “Harness Serendipity”

Go Get Certified

Problem: Your company doesn’t support getting professional society certifications. Solution: So what?  First, get a group together and start studying for one of those certification exams.  For example, the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, or the Business Analyst (BA) Certification, or the TOCICO Certification (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization), or the Six Sigma BlackContinue reading “Go Get Certified”

Start a Training Class

Problem: Your skills and knowledge are under utilized. There are people who could use the skills or knowledge you have. Solution: Start a training class during lunch (your boss doesn’t care what you do for lunch, see this post.)  Pick a subject you know something about (i.e. project management, Excel, blogging, leadership, twitter, social media, giving presentations,Continue reading “Start a Training Class”