You Already Have What You Need to Build a Community

Problem: My company doesn’t have a good internal tool for social networking so I can’t really build an internal community or a following. Solution: Actually, you do. Back in the olden days people used to get to know each other by sending messages with an ingenious invention called electronic mail.  And although it may beContinue reading “You Already Have What You Need to Build a Community”

Connect the Peeps

Problem: People work in silos.  They don’t communicate, except by filling out forms and following the process for transferring information.  Everything takes too long to get done because the processes cause information to get stuck at various stages. Solution: Start a connecting or networking effort where everyone knows everyone else by their first name.  ProcessesContinue reading “Connect the Peeps”

Develop Meaningful Relationships (through bribes)

Guest post by Regine Albrecht. Visit her blog at: Problem: You frequently need help, assistance or just plain favors from people in other departments than yours. Solution: The way to a colleague’s heart is through their stomach. In one of his last blogs Rex talked about “Go on a Field Trip” as a nice wayContinue reading “Develop Meaningful Relationships (through bribes)”