Buy a Book, Save a Life

Problem: 1.  Every 45 seconds a child dies from malaria. 2.  You don’t get a chance to save a child’s life. Solution: Buy this book, End Malaria, and your $20 will go to buy some mosquito nets, which I guess they don’t have enough of in Africa.  Seems simple enough. The thing is, they knowContinue reading “Buy a Book, Save a Life”

Entertain with Video

Problem: There’s not enough fun and entertainment in your work environment. Solution: Create an entertaining video that people will talk about. Now, I’m not talking about something with song and dance in it (although that might not be a bad idea), I’m just saying that you need to be a little creative in assembling aContinue reading “Entertain with Video”

Ricky’s Big Toe

Problem: Everything’s the same.  You live in monotony, sameness, and routine. Solution: Do something completely out of the ordinary.  Write a poem. Wear unmatching socks. Sing at a group meeting.  Create some excitement and variety in your life while practicing the skill of fighting the status quo. Our minds cling to reason and sensibility, whichContinue reading “Ricky’s Big Toe”

Create a Library

Problem: Most people in your group don’t know all the cool stuff you know or haven’t read the latest books. Solution: Sometimes it’s hard to have a meaningful conversation with your co-workers because they can’t relate to all the things you’re learning.  So make it as easy as possible for them to gain the sameContinue reading “Create a Library”

Take a Power Nap

Post by  Eric, Third Degree Enigma Problem: You get a little drowsy in the afternoon and have a hard time being productive.  Your mind gets fuzzy. Solution: Research has shown that taking a 20 minute nap in the middle of the day resets the learning centers of the brain and significantly improves learning during afternoon activities.   As aContinue reading “Take a Power Nap”

Always Have a Side Project

Problem: The work you do doesn’t seem interesting or lend itself to “making a difference.” Solution: That’s okay.  The trash still needs to be taken out, those TPS reports still need to be checked for accuracy, and someone needs to process those expense reports.  I know, there are whole groups or even large organizations createdContinue reading “Always Have a Side Project”