Ricky’s Big Toe


Everything’s the same.  You live in monotony, sameness, and routine.


Do something completely out of the ordinary.  Write a poem. Wear unmatching socks. Sing at a group meeting.  Create some excitement and variety in your life while practicing the skill of fighting the status quo.

Our minds cling to reason and sensibility, which is good for many reasons, but sometimes it keeps us from pushing the boundaries, from exploring the edge of what is possible.  It keeps us from doing things that are remarkable because it’s safer to fit in, not stand out.

Creativity has the power to solve all your problems.  But you’ve got to exercise that muscle.

And watch out for Ricky’s big toe…

2 thoughts on “Ricky’s Big Toe

  1. There is a cool post on Daniel Pink’s website today with a VW ad, where they installed a slide to get down the stairs of the NY Subway Faster.

    It’s interesting to watch how many won’t take the less-comfortable route. It’s interesting to see how many would rather stick with routine than explore something new.

    Nice post.

    1. Thanks Noah. I’ll check out Dan’s site.

      Yes, it is hard for some people to break out of the routine, yet for others, they live for it. It’s probably good to have a balance of different types of people in our society.

      But without the creatives, would anything ever get better?

      Anything different isn’t necessarily better, but anything better is always different.

      Thanks for the comment.

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