Develop Meaningful Relationships (through bribes)

Guest post by Regine Albrecht. Visit her blog at:


You frequently need help, assistance or just plain favors from people in other departments than yours.


The way to a colleague’s heart is through their stomach.

In one of his last blogs Rex talked about “Go on a Field Trip” as a nice way to meet your colleagues from other departments. Back in my “corporate” days I had to work with several other departments and I remembered how I connected with them. Instead of calling my colleague(s) to ask for anything, I went on that field trip mentioned by Rex and introduced myself. It wasn’t really common for women to go to the manufacturing level so it was a little unusual, but I did it anyway.

I didn’t go only once, but almost every time I needed something or had a question, especially if it was something out of the ordinary (which happened quite often). Often times I would take some treats with me such as home baked cookies, chocolate, or some other candy to share with them.

OK you got me, I have a sweet tooth and yes, you may call this “bribing”.  I totally agree, but it worked miracles.  It opened so many doors for me and helped me a lot when I needed their support. Even if I had a request on VERY SHORT NOTICE they would do everything they could to help….which of course lead to another visit with a big thank you of some kind.

Where’s your guest post?

3 thoughts on “Develop Meaningful Relationships (through bribes)

  1. Regine, you’re so right. Chocolate works every time. I had a similar situation back in my corporate days. I had to work with people in several departments, and while I reported to department A, most of my work came from Department B. So, I put a big bowl of mini candy bars on my desk: Snickers bars, Hershey’s kisses, Milky way, etc. Suddenly, I was very popular. If I needed a rush, or a favor, I usually got it. I called it my “charm offensive.” Not that I usually take my social cues from Richard Nixon, but in this case, it worked beautifully.

    Rex, I’m working on the guest post! Honest!

    And congratulations on winning a book from Chris Brogan!

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