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Go On a Field Trip


You don’t know everything… about every group in your whole company.  (Hint: neither does anyone else.)


Take a field trip to another part of the company that you don’t know much about.  It could be a corner of the factory, or some group who works on a different product than you, or the group next door who you think you might know what they do but not really.  Or it could be that group with the funny sounding title which makes you say “What the heck does that mean, and what do they do anyway?”

Talk to someone in that group and tell them that you would like to find out what their group does and write up a little informational story to share with your group and others who might need to know.

People like to be respected and recognized for the work they do.  So start a little newsletter, or use your web site, or a blog and talk about the good things people are doing.  This could even be an ongoing effort to help people know what everyone does in the company and make connections which can break down those artificial barriers I mentioned in the first post.