Entertain with Video

Problem: There’s not enough fun and entertainment in your work environment. Solution: Create an entertaining video that people will talk about. Now, I’m not talking about something with song and dance in it (although that might not be a bad idea), I’m just saying that you need to be a little creative in assembling aContinue reading “Entertain with Video”

Show Up

Problem: You don’t know enough people, you’re not connected, you feel like you don’t know what’s going on, and you’re not contributing significantly. Solution: Show up.  By that I mean a couple of things.  First, it means to actually show up at meetings or events where you can connect with other people and learn what’sContinue reading “Show Up”

Ricky’s Big Toe

Problem: Everything’s the same.  You live in monotony, sameness, and routine. Solution: Do something completely out of the ordinary.  Write a poem. Wear unmatching socks. Sing at a group meeting.  Create some excitement and variety in your life while practicing the skill of fighting the status quo. Our minds cling to reason and sensibility, whichContinue reading “Ricky’s Big Toe”

Schedule an Event

Problem: There’s nothing happening in your organization.  No excitement.  No momentum.  No forward progress.  No innovation or remarkable things to talk about. Solution: Schedule an event.  Sure, everyone’s busy doing their work.  Stuff is getting done and you’re delivering product to customers. But if you don’t have events, it just doesn’t feel like anything isContinue reading “Schedule an Event”

Create a New Organization

Problem: You’d like to collaborate more with other employees, but your corporate organization silos keep you from breaking out of your usual circle of interactions. Solution: Ignore the silos and create a new organization. Organizations consist of two elements: 1) a purpose 2) people committed to accomplishing that purpose. So, in order to create aContinue reading “Create a New Organization”

Make a WIP (Work In Process) Board

Problem: Your boss has no idea what you’re working on, and he or she is always giving you items that are number one priority, causing you to drop what you’re currently doing (which used to be top priority) and switch to this new item. Solution: Showing status is one of management’s favorite pasttimes.  There areContinue reading “Make a WIP (Work In Process) Board”

Stay Connected, Over Time

Problem: You develop really close relationships with the people you work side by side with, then an opportunity comes along, or a reorganization, or for some reason you or they move to a different group and you never see them anymore. Solution: If you’ve developed a good friendship, it doesn’t take much effort to stayContinue reading “Stay Connected, Over Time”