Innovate Your Meetings

Problem: Your meetings are ineffective and waste a lot of time and resources.  Decisions take way too long to get made. Solution: Implement the Modern Meeting Standard. If you haven’t heard about it yet, the latest best selling book on Amazon is Al Pittampalli’s, Read This Before Our Next Meeting.  And it is taking theContinue reading “Innovate Your Meetings”

Show Up

Problem: You don’t know enough people, you’re not connected, you feel like you don’t know what’s going on, and you’re not contributing significantly. Solution: Show up.  By that I mean a couple of things.  First, it means to actually show up at meetings or events where you can connect with other people and learn what’sContinue reading “Show Up”

Mix Up Your Meetings – part 5 (diagram the conversation)

Problem: During a meeting, some people can talk and talk and talk, and easily get off subject, causing you to go down ‘bunny trails’ (as they call them) of thought that aren’t relevant to the conversation.  This wastes time and tires the minds of those forced to listen. Solution: At the begining of a meetingContinue reading “Mix Up Your Meetings – part 5 (diagram the conversation)”

Mix Up Your Meetings – part 4 (rearrange room)

Problem: Not every one participates in your meetings.  People get comfortable in their favorite seats.  Your group needs a change. Solution: Rearrange the chairs in your meeting room.  There’s probably that guy who always sits in the back so he can get away with not saying anything.  Or there are only the few who are engaged becauseContinue reading “Mix Up Your Meetings – part 4 (rearrange room)”

Mix Up Your Meetings – part 3 (start times)

Problem: People are late for your meeting. They usually wander in 5 minutes late, using some excuse that their previous meeting ran late. Solution: Start your meeting 5 or 10  minutes later, after the hour or usual start time.  Then actually start the meeting exactly at that time. At school there was always some kindContinue reading “Mix Up Your Meetings – part 3 (start times)”

Mix Up Your Meetings – part 2 (The Talking Stick)

Problem: Your meetings are dominated by a few people who talk a lot, and there’s not a lot of listening going on. Solution: Use an ancient Native American tradition called “the talking stick.” How it works is that you have some kind of decorative stick (or it could be a ball, bean bag, or bobblehead, doesn’tContinue reading “Mix Up Your Meetings – part 2 (The Talking Stick)”

Mix Up Your Meetings – part 1 (Darkness)

Problem: Your meetings are boring, painful, and woefully dreaded. Solution: Create excited anticipation for the meetings you organize by mixing them up with a creative twist.  Do something completely unexpected and off-the-wall so that they are fun and memorable, or at least eagerly anticipated because people don’t know what you’re going to pull next. Since I couldContinue reading “Mix Up Your Meetings – part 1 (Darkness)”