Innovate Your Meetings


Your meetings are ineffective and waste a lot of time and resources.  Decisions take way too long to get made.


Implement the Modern Meeting Standard.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the latest best selling book on Amazon is Al Pittampalli’s, Read This Before Our Next Meeting.  And it is taking the corporate meeting culture by storm.

Al unabashedly declares that meetings are a cancer that is eating our productivity, progress, and overall morale throughout corporate America, and he is here to cure us.

His book is a manifesto on meetings where he declares what’s obviously wrong, and then presents an alternative called The Modern Meeting Standard.

This new standard of meetings is based on several principles that we know in our heart are true.  And yet, we still fall victim to decades of learned behavior.  It’ll be hard to change, so we need to help each other.

The Domino Project has put together a handful of goodies to help us in this journey to a better way.  Here they are in summary:

  1. A two part webinar with Al and Seth Godin during the next two Thursdays (Aug. 11, 18),
  2. A chance to win 100 free hard cover books, 25 posters, and a private webinar from Al just for your corporation,
  3. A way to tell the world about your Modern Meeting Standard movement,
  4. An offer for Moo business cards designed with the principles of the Modern Meeting Standard on one side.
So there you have it, a bunch of options to get you moving in the right direction.  But the most important one is to read the book first.
Here are some other ways to spice up your meetings (these were before I knew about the standard):

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