Are Your Curiosity Levels High Enough?


You’re not learning new things, expanding your horizon, getting out of your comfort zone, or having exciting experiences.


Raise your curiosity.

Most people think curiosity is just a trait you’re born with and you either have it or you don’t.  But you know that can’t be entirely true because sometimes you are more curious than at other times, and even people who may not seem like the curious type have at least been curious about something at some time in their life.

The Curious Mind

So if curiosity is fleeting and sporadic, and it can help us learn new things, then we need to figure out how to capture it, control it, and use it to drive our actions.  We need to develop the curious mind.


Try this experiment.

Think of a time when you were really curious about something. What did it feel like?

You really wanted to know that one thing, didn’t you?

Ok, now try to feel that feeling again.  You’re feeling it now by just remembering the situation.

Now, keep that feeling, and think of something else that you want to do or learn, but were afraid of, or didn’t think you could pull it off, or thought it was too far fetched or crazy.  Then realize that you don’t really know exactly what might happen if you tried that.  Isn’t there some aspect that you are curious to know what really might happen?

There, now forget about your fears or doubts, and let your curiosity drive you to action.  It can be stronger than the forces holding you back.

Did it work? Are you motivated to go do something?

Let me know in the comments because I need some more data points.

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