How to Make Progress

Problem: You can’t seem to make any progress on your projects.  You’re always getting distracted and rationalizing other activities that are not helping you move toward your goal. Solution: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ” (Lao-tzu said.) And that entire journey consists of a whole bunch of steps, oneContinue reading “How to Make Progress”

The Number One Way to Get Unstuck

Problem: You want to create something meaningful.  Something that will make a difference.  Something that people will find valuable.  But you just can’t seem to produce.  You can’t seem to find the time, you can’t come up with the right concept, you don’t have the right skills, or a myriad of other reasons.  You’re stuckContinue reading “The Number One Way to Get Unstuck”

Make a WIP (Work In Process) Board

Problem: Your boss has no idea what you’re working on, and he or she is always giving you items that are number one priority, causing you to drop what you’re currently doing (which used to be top priority) and switch to this new item. Solution: Showing status is one of management’s favorite pasttimes.  There areContinue reading “Make a WIP (Work In Process) Board”

Carve Out Some Focus Time

Problem: You’re constantly bombarded with interruptions, requests, action items, meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. that you can hardly get any one thing done. Solution: Don’t be.  In other words, choose not to. There are two types of interruptions, 1) by someone else, called an interruption, and 2) by your self, called a distraction. Distractions may stillContinue reading “Carve Out Some Focus Time”