Resistance: 1 Rex: 0


You haven’t written a blog post in a long while, and your last one was about how to get unstuck.


Write a blog post.

It’s amazing how I have to read my own posts to get motivated.

And what an ironic last post to get stuck on – The Number One Way to Get Unstuck.  Hey, just because I know what it is, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me.

That just makes it more painful.  It’s like the mechanic with a broken down car. Sad state of affairs.

Well, a pause or temporary setback does not mean failure, or the end.  It just means that there’s a perfect opportunity to move forward and progress.  To do better.  The game is not over, I just have less points than the Resistance.  It has scored.  But I’m working on a comeback.

And that’s what I’m doing here. Doing something… baby steps to get moving again.

Also,  just because a blog hasn’t been updated in a while doesn’t mean my life has stopped.  In fact, I’m just starting a new big project that will be exciting, motivating, and entirely taxing, but it will be worth it.  I haven’t decided whether to tell you about the details or not, so I’ll just tease for now.

Meanwhile, why don’t you go do something meaningful and tell me about it in the comments.  It might help me out.


4 thoughts on “Resistance: 1 Rex: 0

    1. That is so cool. I’m actually working on one too.

      Last year everyone should have had a blog. This year, everyone should write a book. It’s so easy these days (at least that’s what I hear.)

  1. Hey, looks like we’ve been on the same blogging schedule! Maybe we need to form an accountability group. Except that you’d contribute by egging me on to watch more TV, so maybe not. Anyway, glad I’m not the only one who gets stuck sometimes. When that happens, the shame is constant!

    1. thanks Laura. Actually, I think it’s good for you to be sparse, because your stuff is so incredibly amazing I just don’t think I could handle it every day.

      Plus, scarcity creates demand. So, the longer between your posts, the more I want to read them.

      Waiting with bells on 😉

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