Thank You Subscribers


You have people who have subscribed to your blog, but you’ve totally neglected them.



Ok, I confess.  This is me.

And this is embarrassing, but I’m going to just come out and say it. Going for total transparency here.

There are a lot of options and features and cool tricks and stuff you can do with a WordPress blog.  And I thought I had perused enough through the features that I knew where to go if I wanted to do something.  Well, either I didn’t look hard enough, or wasn’t curious enough to find out, but I’m sorry to say that I just found my list of subscribers.

‘Sorry’ meaning I’m sorry it took so long, not sorry I found it.  Rather the opposite – ‘elated’ and ‘exuberant’ that I found you.

So thank you very much, subscribers.  I’m sure it was on a whim, but you took action nonetheless, which is more than most people.

Whims are good.

They drive action.

I need more whims.

5 thoughts on “Thank You Subscribers

  1. Exactly, Greg!

    The real reason I haven’t posted that often is because I didn’t want to overload your inbox with a bunch of spam.

    …or not.

    Thanks for the ribbing. (You can’t have a good blog without ribbing.)

    1. Good question nanny g. It has been a while, so I had to dig around again myself because I couldn’t remember. (a google search reveals we’re not the only ones with this problem.)
      In the upper right hand corner, click on the ‘W’ and then Stats in the drop down.
      Under ‘Totals, Followers, and Shares’ at the bottom there’s an ‘F’, click on ‘blog’ next to it to open up a My Followers page where you can see two categories, those who follow through WordPress and those by email.

      It definitely should be easier to find.

      Thanks for asking.

      1. Great, appreciate the tip. Agreed, it should be much easier to find outr subscribers 🙂

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