7 thoughts on “Grootship, huh?

  1. I’m no longer in that horrid place (the giant hairball), but I would still like to participate. I spent 4 years in it (after 11 in academia and before now in my new spot) and think that I might be able to contribute. Or at least enjoy it.

    1. Sure Bon, all are welcome. If you have an idea for a post, just send me an email with your written up post and I’ll post it as written by you, and include a link to your blog. Then I’ll put you on the guest Posters Wall of Fame. (Send to rexawilliams@gmail.com)

      Yes, the corporation can by horrid, but the way I see it is that you have two options:
      1) you can leave (which is perfectly viable and many have done it quite successfully – there are lots of books, blogs, and people who can help you do that.)
      2) you can stay and try to find a way to make your corporate experience not so horrid. (I don’t think there’s as much help out there for that option. That’s why we need grootship!)

  2. I have never worked for a corporation, a large one. But, several in my family has. I find a lot of them get together afterwards, and have a lot of fun during their breaks together, and company trips.

    I honestly have no idea what it is like to work in a corporation. I did give a presentation once at a very large company’s office because my aunt wanted me to give one.

    But, I hear people get unhappy in large bureaucratic offices, hopefully you will help them have more fun, as large corporations do have some great benefits from what I’ve seen.

  3. Ok.. so now you need to tell us how to post comments by phone. LOL.

    I have now left the ranks of the “public service” hairball (Pinal County, AZ) and joined a very large corporate hairball in a different state (MN). My navigations have me using the WIP whiteboard (mentioned in previous posts) and writing documents that help others with ‘on-boarding’. I will have to say that this corporation is really good at automating things, however; the list of automated processes is so large that you have to find a way to find the automated process for the activity you want to accomplish. In an effort to understand this I have now taken it upon myself to become the mapmaker. “Are you the gatekeeper? I’m looking for the keymaster.”

    1. MN – is that Minnesota? Craziness! I hope an Arizona boy can survive weather that is not fit for humans to live in. I hear there’s a lot of nice lakes there though. Good luck with that.

      Congratulations on your corporate move, that’s usually a pretty big deal. Sounds like they’ve got the corporate ‘efficiency’ stuff down, but they’re missing something – a mapmaker! Great idea! You will be the gatekeeper and keymaster all in one. Thanks for sharing your story. This helps me and others learn about what other kinds of scenarios occur in corporate life. And I think we can all relate. Where I’m at, there are so many processes and documents about the processes that most people don’t even know they exist. But there’s a whole complex change board and approval process in order to make any changes to the process people don’t use.

      A lot of it has to do with legal coverage, unique scenarios, and coordinating with multiple applications that are affected by changes. It’s really a complicated intertwined mesh of stuff around here. That’s why for me, knowing a lot of people is the best way to figure things out around here.

      That would be great if you could post comments by phone. I’ll have to recommend that to the wp developers.

      Thanks for the comment, Greg. Hope you survive that MN weather.

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